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I’ve created this website as a base camp to store all my random writing projects.

Thanks for reading!
S Walker

The Basement

My little drabble The Basement was published in Ghost Orchid Press 100 word horror anthology, Home.Amazon This is my first time seeing my name published in anything, so it has been a pretty awesome experience so far. Thank you for your support! All the best,Shan

It’s Not Supposed to Rain Today

It’s not supposed to rain today. The reporter on the television sings about sunny skies even as the storm clouds roll in. He’s usually wrong, so there’s no reason to worry when the rain starts falling during breakfast. Hannah is excited though. After waffles and syrup, she’s there at the back door with her umbrella,… Continue Reading →

Gods Blood

I’m trying out the kind of fantasy / romance story I would like to read.  With a tankard of ale and a good book, Grenmar Lightforge, the Protector of the Goddess Illune, finally sat down in his favorite chair. He kicked up his feet before the fireplace and breathed in the smell of the fresh… Continue Reading →


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